Interview with Kim Holden

Did you read Bright Side? So today I have fo you something awesome and postive! I'm inviting you to interview with Kim Holden!

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Adriana Bączkiewicz: I’d like to know something unusual about people: supposedly there’s a dinner time, what kind of food You like on Your plate? And why?
Kim Holden: I am addicted to tacos and coffee. Addiction is a strong word, but it's completely accurate in this case.

A.B.: Everyone sits in front of the television or computer, what movie or TV series would You recommend to Your readers? What do You like about this specific movie or TV series?
K.H.: I don't watch a lot of TV, but Peaky Blinders is my current obsession. I love Cillian Murphy, and Tom Hardy and Helen McCrory are both brilliant in this series.

A.B.: Author is a person for me who read a lot of books, how about You? What do You actually read?
K.H.: I don't read as much as I used to and I miss it. I read A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole and The Girls by Emma Cline this month and loved them both. Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith is up next for me - it's one of my favorite series. I find Cormoran Strike oddly sexy.

A.B.: If You’ve had won a billion dollars in lottery, how would You spend the money?
K.H.: A billion dollars is crazy money, I can't wrap my head around those kinds of numbers. My husband, son, and I would probably move somewhere warm and buy a house. I'd put enough money in the bank for us to be comfortable for a very long time, open up a coffee shop/bookstore, my husband would start a business, we'd start a non-profit, and I'd probably give the rest away to friends and family.

A.B.: Are You optimist, realist or pessimist?
K.H.: I like to think of myself as a disastrous/beautiful/real combination of all three.

A.B.: What was Your view of the world when You was a little girl?
K.H.: My childhood was amazing. I was very lucky. I was the little girl who was quiet and shy, but confident and believed anything was possible. The confident part of me is all thanks to my parents.

A.B.: You’re sitting comfortable in your chair, then the journalist/reporter in TV announced the end of the world. How would You spend the last day in Your life? 
K.H.: I would spend every last second with my husband and son. They are my life and everything that is good in it.